Your Financial Blueprint to a secure financial future

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What’s involved?

Here at LiveWell, we understand what a healthy financial position looks like and can also identify someone who’s at risk. Our knowledge, experience and tools let us cut through the numbers to get to the heart of your money situation. This helps make sure you don’t end up in trouble if you lose your income, or become ill or incapacitated..

Our core principles cover wills, powers of attorney, home loans, savings, and all types of insurance, including life, trauma, health and income protection.

It’s important to lift the hood on your financial situation, so you can see how you’re doing and identify any areas that are a risk. Armed with support from our team you can take control of your finances and face the future with confidence.

And this costs me nothing! Really?

Yes, our guidance is complimentary. We happily share all our knowledge and experience of working with hundreds of clients with you at no cost. Our goal is to help prepare a Financial Blueprint for you to achieve your financial goals. We’re completely upfront that we receive a referral fee from any services required from our professional partner network who we would discuss and engage together to help you.

You can be sure we won’t be referring any product or service we wouldn’t use ourselves. Also, our suggestions are neutral – we’re not influenced by any banks or big financial institutions.

We follow 3 simple steps to start you on the right path:

Step 1: Where you’re at now

Review your current position using our financial health check.

Step 2: Where you want to be?

Work with you to understand your concerns and clarify your goals.

Step 3: An action plan to see you right

We tailor a plan which is critical for success in the years ahead.

How are your current finances?

Part of achieving financial success is knowing what a good financial position is and having a good plan in place to achieve it. Our financial health check helps identify areas of strength or concern in your current financial situation for the LiveWell team to follow up with you on.

Here are some of the key things that we look at:

Is your cash situation in hand?

Do you have any large upcoming expenses and is your cash surplus working for you?

Is your superannuation organised?

Do you have all your money in one fund? Are you on track for retirement?

Do you have personal insurance for unforeseen circumstances.

Do you have protection against loss of income or other circumstances and are you covered for disability and death?

Does your Will and Power of Attorney express your wishes for when you are no longer here or have the capacity to act?

Are your wishes recorded to make sure they’re followed and are they up-to-date?

Do you have unmanageable debt?

Do you have any debt that’s worrying you and a plan to deal with it?

Comments from some financially healthy clients who follow our financial blueprint

“Joel is always there to guide us on the right track to achieve our Financial & Lifestyle Goals. He keeps complicated financial topics simple and puts our interests first. ”

Nathan Anic

“It was a great experience to work with a professional who knows what he’s doing. Joel always looks after you, and provides any assistance he can.”

Troy Denys

“We bought a house! A huge thanks to you, our great friend and awesome financial consultant, Joel Ganino, who went above and beyond to make it happen. We couldn’t have been able to buy it without you.”

Stuart & Nicole Morton

Our Blueprint to your financial freedom

There are 10 core requirements that most financially secure people have in place, and which you should have too. Our financial health check shows how you’re tracking against this checklist and helps us work out your financial plan of action or financial blueprint as well as decide the best services, people and businesses for your personal situation.

You no doubt have financial goals and ambitions – whether it’s starting a family, buying a home, investing, starting a business, planning a holiday or retiring. Our checklist is the foundation which empowers you to confidently move towards financial freedom so you can retire early with peace of mind..

We look at your current lifestyle and any changes on the horizon. We talk about how they will affect your finances now and in the future then create a financial blueprint to help you achieve your goals. We help make sure you have a solid financial backup plan in place so you’re covered if the worst happens, such as losing your income, or if you become ill or incapacitated.

We also reduce the risks attached with any investment, so you can have confidence in your financial decisions. We help you with an easy-to-follow roadmap and action plan that reduces the risks, and makes decisions simple, so you can sleep easy at night.

Buying your first or next home

Building wealth for an early retirement

Managing money by getting your affairs in order

Your Journey to financial freedom starts here…


Step 1

Complete the simple form to schedule an appointment with a LiveWell Wealth Manager.

Step 2

Initial Meeting: Wealth manager discusses your goals and aspirations. An initial action plan to get you up and running.



Step 3

Wealth manager emails you a summary of your conversation, outlining your financial position and agreed action items.

Step 4

Where appropriate, specialist advisers are introduced to help advise and implement agreed actions.



Step 5

Review and plan. Proactive engagement, including review appointment invitations every six months.

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