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Have you reached the point in your life where your future is becoming more important? Are you hitting the peak of your career and looking to get off the tools? Are you thinking about work-life balance and how to make sure your family is financially taken care of?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Hi, I’m Joel, and I specialise in helping ordinary Australians, just like you, get smart about their finances.

Unfortunately, we don’t get taught at school or uni how to manage our money, so we have to learn ‘on the job’.  

I’m a Melbourne local and have helped over 300 clients work towards achieving their financial goals over the past 10 years. It’s amazing how quickly people get ahead when they understand the fundamentals of managing their money and investments – just read some of the testimonials below for some great good news stories.

So, read on if you want to:

Our Services – How we help tradies…

Financial success begins with a vision. Practically, this means making sure that you have a blueprint in place to cover all the bases. This is like building a foundation, layer by layer. Here are the main financial objectives I can help you with to achieve financial freedom and well-being.

Pay Your Home Loan in 10 Years

Whether you’re buying your first home, upgrading, or looking for an investment to secure … 

Upgrade Your Home

Well-planned investment is the cornerstone of a secure financial future. Sadly, the fear … 

Grow Your Wealth via Property Investment

Here at LiveWell we understand what a healthy financial position looks like. Our knowledg…   

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say

“Joel is always there to guide us on the right track to achieve our Financial & Lifestyle Goals. He keeps complicated financial topics simple and puts our interests first. ”

Nathan Anic

“It was a great experience to work with a professional who knows what he’s doing. Joel always looks after you, and provides any assistance he can.”

Troy Denys

“We bought a house! A huge thanks to you, our great friend and awesome financial consultant, Joel Ganino, who went above and beyond to make it happen. We couldn’t have been able to buy it without you.”

Stuart & Nicole Morton

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We work with specialist advisers and consultants in a wide range of areas which include Home Buying, Building, Lending, Investment, Taxation, Retirement and Estate Planning.

Your Journey to financial freedom starts here…


Step 1

Complete the simple form to schedule an appointment with a LiveWell Wealth Manager.

Step 2

Initial Meeting: Wealth manager discusses your goals and aspirations. An initial action plan to get you up and running.



Step 3

Wealth manager emails you a summary of your conversation, outlining your financial position and agreed action items.

Step 4

Where appropriate, specialist advisers are introduced to help advise and implement agreed actions.



Step 5

Review and plan. Proactive engagement, including review appointment invitations every six months.

Don’t procrastinate any longer! Get your own customised financial blueprint to secure your financial future.

Save time, save money, grow and protect your wealth. We will help you get your money working as hard as you do!

About our Services

You’re probably wondering, “How much is this advice going to cost?” The answer is – nothing. Yes, that’s right; I willingly and happily share all my knowledge and experience with you at no cost. I’m completely upfront that I take a referral fee from the professional partners who we engage together to help you.

However, our business success relies on your success and satisfaction, so you can be sure I won’t be referring any product or service I wouldn’t use myself and doesn’t follow our blueprint.

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