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If you are looking to buy a Home, Start to Invest or just want to ensure your Financial Position is in order, we offer
a Free Financial Guidance service for our clients via face to face or over the phone consulatation. 

LiveWell Wealth Management has been created to give access to everyday Australians to great financial guidance.
Free from ownership of banks and large financial institutions. Our focus is you, our client, and your plan forward. 


 Joel Ganino Dip FP

Educating people around finances has always been a great passion of mine.
My name is Joel Ganino and I am the Founder and Managing Director of LiveWell Wealth Management.
As a local business in Melbourne’s inner suburbs, I have the pleasure of helping over 300 clients work together to achieve their financial goals. When you know the basics around managing your money you are on the way to financial security.

This concept is the foundation that has enabled me to live my passion, working in Financial Services & Wealth Management for over 10 years, with no end in sight.

So, if you have a financial question or goal to achieve, I would encourage you to speak to me first. I will ensure you are put on the right path towards your financial success. 


​​Home Buying

Whether you are buying your 1st home or upgrade to your next home, the decision to buy a home should not be taken lightly.
What area to live in?   How big does the house need to be?   Can we afford it?
Costs we don't know about?   Do I qualify for a loan?
These are some of the questions we get asked by clients looking to purchase a home.
We have the conversations that need to be had and provide a secure framework backed by a proven process, to make your homebuying experience really simple. We work with a team of professional advisers that will help with finance and legal paperwork, all tied in by our proven checklist that we follow to ensure your purchase is smooth and straightforward. 

So I a new home is what you're after, then we are only a call away.



The thought of Investing often makes clients nervous. Everyone's biggest fear is fear losing your money!

We encourage you to start with Investments you are most comfortable with, have greatest knowledge about and then educate you on the gaps in your knowledge to ensure when you are ready to proceed you can do so with upmost confidence.

At this stage, when you are ready to proceed, we will refer you to Investment Specialists that we have researched their proven track record and client results, to ensure you are in safe hands whether it be your initial foray into investing or a seasoned campainger. 

When starting out thinking about Investing, it's important to know and understand the purpose behind why you are Investing in the first place, then invest in the assets that are going to help you achieve that purpose. Chasing "Money" is the wrong reason to be investing, its quicker and easier to gamble.

Don't leave your financial future to chance. Want to explore your options further?


Financial Health Check Up

At LiveWell we have a philosophy as to what makes up a healthy financial position. If you are concerned about your finances not being in shape, start off by having us go through our financial health check with you. 

Over the years we have seen many different finanical scenarios, but one things for sure. Secure the base correctly by protecting against any downside risks and taking the right actions and the upside for growth is endless.

We have a list of 10 CORE Requirements we like to see individuals and families have in place before the consider Buying a Home, Investing, Starting a Business or Holiday plans!

Keen to get your finances in shape? 2018 is the year!

  • Step 1 – Schedule an Initial Appointment with a Wealth Manager
  • Step 2 – Initial Meeting is held and Wealth Manager ascertains from you your dreams, goals & objectives. A brief plan of action is discussed to get the ball rolling.
  • Step 3 – Your Wealth Manager will email you a Summary of Discussion, addressing all areas that make up your financial life and the agreed action items discussed as a result.
  • Step 4 – Where appropriate, we engage our Specialist Advisers to help advise and implement the agreed actions from our discussions to help you achieve your objectives. We have specialist professionals in areas ranging from Cashflow and Loans, through to Investing, Taxation and Legal matters.
  • Step 5 – Review & Plan ahead. Be Proactive. Review Invitations are sent out January and July each year.

“Joel is always there to guide us on the right track to achieve our Financial & Lifestyle Goals. He keeps complicated financial topics simple and puts our interests first.”

-Nathan Anic


“Thank you for your prompt response regarding the matter of my finances. Once again, your impeccable service is an asset to your company and an ongoing testament to your drive for customer satisfaction.”

-John Schiavella


“We bought a house! A huge thanks to you, our great friend and awesome financial consultant, Joel Ganino, who went above and beyond to make it happen. We couldn't have been able to buy it without you, so thanks.”

-Stuart & Nicole Morton


“Thank you for the friendship, support and your ongoing assistance with our refinancing. We really appreciate your advice and the time you have taken to ensure we are in a better position. 

-Jarrod and Melanie Bennetts

Do you need help with your finances?
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